Our Purpose

The role of our office is to offer support to everyone on campus and the surrounding community with their sustainability efforts and initiatives. Our charge is more than the traditional green movement - but about being smart about the choices we make today and the benefits it has on the bottom line, community wellbeing and environment. To achieve the desired outcomes for a future state of Institution-wide sustainability, we will work to:

  • Establish a campus-wide culture of sustainability by incorporating sustainable practices and thinking into every aspect of campus life
  • Share values, goals, measures and implementation strategies across the primary functions of the Institute
  • Meet people where they are on their sustainable journey and help them recognize their role in creating sustainable outcomes
  • Encourage collaboration across administrative departments, academics, research, athletics and community partners
  • Measure, track and report progress toward sustainability goals and communicate results clearly and transparently

Our Team

JulieAnne Williamson

Campus Sustainability Interim Director
Assistant Vice President for Administration and Finance

Anne Rogers

Associate Director Sustainability Program and Portfolio Manager

Sarah Neville

Sustainability Coordinator 

Michael Bryan II

Student Assistant

Joseph Buehler

Student Assistant

Nina Sling

Student Assistant 

Student Employment - Join Our Team

Students play a vital role in helping Georgia Tech advance its goal of creating a sustainable campus. A variety of employment opportunities are available for Georgia Tech students to take a leadership role in tackling the big environmental issues we face. If interested, email sustain@gatech.edu for more information.