Work Green Mini-Grants

Work Green Mini Grants

Do you have an innovative idea, pilot project, or educational need to make your office or Georgia Tech workplace more sustainable? The purpose of the Work Green Mini-Grants program is to encourage the growth and development of environmentally sound processes, procedures, and best practices in work spaces on Georgia Tech’s campus. The fund promotes sustainable actions and behaviors among workplace staff. Faculty and staff whose office applied for Work Green certification are eligible to apply for a mini grant of up to $500. Funding will support proposals for initiatives that support sustainable behaviors, seek new knowledge, and make sustainable practices outlined in the Work Green Resource Guide more viable. Proposals will be awarded based on relevance to the Work Green Program.

Funding guidelines:
  • Only staff and faculty that submitted a Work Green Certification application are considered for funding;
  • All applicants must also complete a Mini-Grant application;
  • The fund is not a stipend, and it cannot support staff labor costs or supplement material goods normally purchased with the office’s budget (paper, office supplies, etc.);
  • Grant recipients are expected to provide a brief report at the conclusion of the project made up of narratives, data, photographs, and other documentation of subsequent sustainability changes; and
  • Proposal expenses must comply with state funding allowable expenses.

The Work Green Mini-Grant Applications will open in August 2018.